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Built to Last:

We tested hundreds of different fabrics before settling on the current linen we used to make our SS 18’ collection. It’s easy to put quality on the backburner as many brands do when looking at the costs associated with using high quality fabric, but we are set on making jackets that get better with age. Linen is made of flax, and ours is grown in Belgium, arguably the best place to grow flax on the planet. This results in soft, and durable linen that you can see and feel in our jackets. It’s well worth the cost. 

Made in LA:

We can visit every facility where we source and manufacture our products in under an hour. (And that’s with LA traffic) Since we started designing our first jacket, we decided that we wouldn’t manufacture outside of Los Angeles to cut cost. We would always build our relationships here and only go overseas if the outcome was increased efficiency and quality.

The cliché, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is a perfect representation of how we feel about our manufacturing partner in Downtown LA. Their meticulous attention to detail in cutting and sewing our jackets in addition to taking great care of their employees lets us sleep better at night knowing we have a team that will never cut corners. 

Supply Chain:

We worked incredibly hard to create an efficient and scalable supply chain and we are now able to deliver thousands of jackets in just 2 weeks from ordering fabric. (This is very, very quick) This allows us to better serve our customer and ensure that we never stay out of stock on our best selling items.

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