Maxim Marketplace Collaboration Limited Edition Jacket!

Our Story

KIBRONO was born during a summer of travel. With an affinity for flowy and versatile garments, and a belief that outerwear was becoming increasingly gender neutral, we left our day jobs in pursuit of creating a fashion brand that embodied the energy in which it was formed.
We aim to weave a common thread amongst the many people and places from which we draw inspiration. Each limited collection will pay tribute to a particular place, textile, and or person from which it was inspired, infused with our modern KIBRONO vibe.
Living at the edge of the unknown can be challenging, but we believe it’s where the magic of life happens, where we come to know ourselves and grow. We aspire to look at the world with fresh eyes so that our preconceived ideas of the world around us melt away and we are free to tap in and authentically create.